6 Best Tennis Racquet For Women In 2022

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This our review of the best women’s tennis racquet.

Tennis has always been a unique sport. Gone are those days when men dominated the sport and accessories related to tennis were limited for men. 

Prominent personalities like Serena Williams and Coco Gauff have been role models in the field of tennis.

One thing that remains common behind their success is the choice of tennis racquets. With the proper accessories and a good selection of racquets, one can excel in tennis very quickly.

 Women’s tennis racquets are made in a unique way that helps women to swing the device easily. 

If you admire tennis, we will help you get the best tennis racquets out there that will help you play this game like professionals. 

Buying these racquets can be very tricky, and hence you need to be very selective. If you go for the wrong selection, it can cost you much money without being worth it. 

We have mentioned a list of excellent tennis racquets down here in the article. 

We have tried to cover all the essential factors that you need to take care of before selecting the correct tennis racquet for your use.

1. Babolat Pure Drive

Both women and men can use this tennis racquet. If you require perfect racquet swings but cannot bear a lot of weight in your hand, then this is the ideal accessory to buy. 

Since the Babolat Pure Drive is a unisex tennis racquet, you can see both men and women from the pro sessions play with it. It is an ideal tennis racquet for women of all heights and can help them get better with the game. 

Talking of groundstroke, this tennis racquet can help generate a striking force that ultimately helps deliver Swift spin and Swing. The exceptional Babolat Pure Drive Plus is an extended version of this tennis racquet with an extra-long arm that makes it better at generating spin force. 

The racquet looks good with its funky colours. The overall outlook of the tennis racquet is quite attractive.

The string used is normally synthetic and has great stretchability and repelling force. This makes the contact good and provides great force to bounce the ball back. 

The price range of this racquet is not that high. However, if you are a beginner and starting your practice it might seem like an extra investment.

2. Babolat Pure Strike 100

The special Babolat Pure Strike 100 is an all-ground racquet that is designed for women. You can use the special racquet for playing both singles and doubles

It is one of the lightest tennis racquets mentioned in the article. The topspin you get with this racquet is amazing. There are two models of this racquet, and you can select according to your comfort. 

The best thing about the Babolat Pure Strike 100 is its unique style, which helps people get all-around performance from the accessory. 

When hitting the groundstrokes, this tennis racquet can generate the proper amount of stroke force needed to score. 

Both the racquets use similar technology, and you can also customize the racquet to make it lighter. 

Being lighter it is very easy to carry and this is a big point of advantage when you talk about women’s tennis racquet. Not just is the accessory light in weight but it is also very durable and can provide you with some strong strokes.

Price range is reasonable and a beginner can easily afford it. However the racquet remains high in demand hence goodluck ordering one. 

If you are looking for a perfect and versatile piece of tennis racquet to start your journey then this is the best one out there.

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3. Wilson Clash 100

The special Wilson Clash 100 has been a popular option since its release. It is something new in the market and offers an opportunity to the newcomers to get used to tennis racquets. 

It has an ideal weight which helps the player to hit the ball around the court easily. 

The racquet lacks stiffness which makes it a good option for people who like to swing more than generate hard forces on the ball. It is the best-suited racquet for players who demand comfort while playing tennis. 

One of the cons about this racquet is its oversized racquet head, which is sometimes uncomfortable for amateur players. 

However, the wide margin provided gives a higher margin of error. The player endorsing this racquet is Nicole Gibbs. The racquet is good for people who like professional touch with comfort. 

4. Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

There is an arm-friendly stiffness provided with this tennis racquet. The weight is quite manageable, and hence you won’t get severe issues regarding the tennis racquet’s weight.

 On the other hand, we will never suggest a beginner start with this racquet, but if you are a professional or intermediate player, this accessory is not a bad option. 

The racquet is very great for making big swings, and it was the favorite choice of the legendary Maria Sharapova.

There is a lite version of this racquet present in the market, which is actually 10 Oz lighter than the main racquet. The larger 115 square inch head size provides a great stroke with swift, powerful moments.

When we talk of the exterior looks of this tennis racquet, you can have a very fancy-looking exterior rim which makes it quite attractive to look at. 

5. Dunlop FX 500

The main attractive feature of the Dunlop FX 500 is its sparking exterior rims which are solid and beautiful at the same time. 

Due to the big racquet size, the margin of error decreases, and if the ball comes in strike with the exteriors, you can quickly bounce it back without getting a lot of hindering forces.

However, if we talk of the weight of this tennis racquet, there is a significant difference seen when compared to all women’s tennis racquets mentioned in the article. 

It is not a pre-strung, racquet making it a little complicated to use. The rim quality is excellent, and it makes the racquet very durable. This racquet is amazing with pressure play and you can always trust the device with pressure hitting. The strings are so tightly strung that it is impossible to break. 

 If you are a learner and require something to practice with, this might be a good option. The tennis racquet mentioned here is resistant to several forces and can be used to play rough to master different tennis moves. 

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6. Wilson Ultra 110

If you liked the Wilson Ultra 100, then you are going to love the Wilson Ultra 110. It is an Advanced tennis racquet developed from the previous version, and the manufacturers have tried hard to improve on the fields where the previous model was lacking. 

It comes along with a massive head of 110 square inch which is very heavy and can provide the correct amount of force to the ball. It ultimately provides the pressure to the shot-making it swing and faster than ever. 

It is an excellent option for people who are looking for tennis racquets for playing doubles. 

The hitting power of this tennis racquet is mentioned as high by the company. This means that every stroke played from this racquet will gain a tremendous amount of energy. 

The Wilson Ultra is a big brand and it is one of the best products out there for professional uses too. It’s always recommended to start out of your comfort zone in order to gain the best in sports.

Using this tennis racquet can help you to get that professional touch required. We recommend this racquet only if you are ready to invest huge amounts.

7. Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo

The Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo is very special in its making. This racquet is designed for players who like to have a firm grip over their racquet to generate the force by their hands. 

There are several racquets in the market within this range, but this racquet is special due to its short length. It is a perfect choice for an average height woman.

It is, moreover, half-inches shorter than the standard racquets. This makes them strange and, on the same side, comfortable for women to use. 

Due to its small size, the racquet also sees a weight reduction and weighs not more than 10.5 ounces. 

It is correct to say that the racquet is very different from typical tennis racquets, but on the other hand, you can never judge the ability of this racquet to generate force and hit a ball. 

It provides the player with a good mixture of power, control, and comfort. Suppose you are trying to adapt to the game, then it’s better to start on a comfortable note. 

The comfort and ease this racquet provides while playing have made it famous among women. This racquet is a combination of the above listed items and if you don’t have a certain preference this might be a good option. 

What To Look For When Buying Best Women’s Tennis Racquet?

While selecting a women’s tennis racquet, you need to consider several points to get the best accessory from the market. If you keep these points in your mind while you shop, there is a high possibility that you will get the best product for improving your skills in the game.

It would help if you remembered that there are numerous options in the market these days. If you go with a blank mind, the selection process becomes very confusing. We have tried to mention what to look for while selecting a tennis racquet to save you from this dilemma. 

1. Type of the racquet

People often miss the fact that there are different types of women’s tennis racquets in the market. You must search according to what you are comfortable with. If you are clear with this selection, half the job is already done. 

Basically, there are three types of racquets present out there. 

These are – 

  1. The power racquets
  2. The control racquet
  3. Tweener racquets

The power racquets come with a stiff handle along with a large head size which produces extreme power while you hit the ball. Mostly you will get an open string pattern that allows the ball to sink deep inside the pattern and get as much potential energy as possible. 

The control racquets have comparatively a smaller head size with a flexible frame that absorbs energy while you swing the racquet, which helps control the ball.

As the name suggests, tweener racquets are somewhat between these above two listed racquets. It has an intermediate body size with limited flexibility providing average control and power. 

2. Grip size

One of the most significant factors to be considered while selecting a tennis racquet is to confirm your grip size and choose according to it.

 If you select the wrong grip size, the racquet won’t fit your hand appropriately, which will create situations such as discomfort in generating the power or slipping of the racquet from your hands. 

The right grip size also ensures that you don’t get injured while playing the game; hence, it is imperative to consider.

3. String selection

There are basically two types of strings used in tennis racquets. It can either be a natural gut string Or can be a synthetic string. As the name suggests, the natural gut string comes from the intestine of cows and is not a preferred choice nowadays. 

On the other hand, synthetic string comes from factories where strong strings are synthetically made. Though the natural string has better flexibility, the synthetic one is more durable and can last long. The natural ones are not in demand these days, making them very costly.

 If you’re a beginner, we will always suggest going with synthetic strings for a better option. Once you get used to a string, your reflexes develop according to the force required to put on the string, so be very specific about what you choose. 

There are many options, such as polyester and more when it comes to synthetic strings. The selection must be according to your comfort. 

4. Look out for women’s tennis racquets

There are some basic differences between women racquets and men racquets. Most companies produce unisex racquets, which both men and women could use. 

Still, sometimes, it is better to go for a specific women’s tennis racquet due to different physical attributes and power. 

Such racquets are manufactured in different ways. Most of them are light in weight, and the handle is short. Even the flexibility of these tennis racquets is good, which provides extra benefits to women.

Final words

Above in the article, we tried to mention some of the best women’s tennis racquets out there in the market. We also give you a list of points to be considered before you go shopping which will help you buy the best one of them.

Tennis is a great sport, and women have recently dominated the field. There is no lack of role models in tennis nowadays, and hence women can easily follow their icons to achieve their goals. 

Due to its special framework and customized stitching pattern, the Wilson Clash 100 is right best from the list above.