Best Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson is one of the premier Tennis Racquet manufacturers in the world. The company has been at it for a while now.

They compete at the highest level when it comes to making racquets. The company has also been running for quite a while now. And thanks to the marquee signings they have, the brand is well known.

For instance, the company is endorsed by tennis pros like Roger Federer and Serena Williams, to name a few. That’s a lot of star power!

In terms of innovation, Wilson is constantly evolving. The company brings new racquets to the market every few years and has thus created an impressive catalog of racquets.

Choosing the best Wilson racquet can be quite a hassle as multiple products in their catalog. To make things easier for you, we have brought you this article where we will go through some of the very best racquets made by Wilson.

So, let us get started!

Best Wilson Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98

Wilson Blade 98 is quite popular around the world. This unit uses the latest Wilson technology, which is excellent.

This new technology is called the FeelFlex Technology. Wilson has been adding this technology to their racquets since 2019. The feel of a racquet helps it create more bounce on the ball, and it also makes it comfortable to take shots.

The Blade 98’s previous versions always had a good feeling, but this FeelFlex technology on the newer version elevates that. The Racquet also comes in multiple models that you can choose


This one comes in two patterns in terms of string patterns – a 16 x 19 pattern and an 18 x 20 pattern. The 18 x 20 pattern will provide more control and stability to the shots, and it is also more durable.

It is okay to go with the 16 x 19 pattern, and there is not much difference anyway. We have a gripe with the Wilson Blade because it is not the best Racquet in power and spin.

But if you are a beginner or even an intermediate player, this Racquet is definitely for you.


  • Provides superb control
  • It comes in multiple options
  • Feelflex Technology


  • Lacks power and spin

Wilson Clash 100

The Wilson Clash 100 is one of the most impactful racquets out there. This Racquet has significantly impacted the tennis world thanks to the FeelFlex technology


This Racquet is a pretty new one. It has been in the market for just a couple of years, and it has already gotten a massive fanbase. It is one of the best-selling racquets, period!

The reason why this one has sold massively is because of the comfort that it provides. The Clash 100 caters to beginners, offers an excellent feel, is friendly to the arms, and is lightweight. All of these features are very sought after in the market.

Wilson also promoted this Racquet heavily, and it had hype behind it. But it did live up to the expectations. This Racquet has become quite impressive overall and is very much a favorite among many players.

It also comes in many versions, but we recommend the standard one as it has that 100 square inches head size which is perfect for beginners.


  • Uses FeelFlex Technology
  • Many unique qualities
  • Support for almost all kinds of strings


  • Can struggle to provide spin

Wilson Blade 104 v8

The Blade 104 is quite a forgiving racquet. We know that the most common head size is 100 square inches, and well, this one has a size above that. So naturally, this Racquet is incredible.

Another cool thing about this Racquet is that players like Serena Williams use it. Serena even has her signature model for this Racquet.

While this Racquet doesn’t employ the FeelFlex technology, it is still very comfortable to use. The string pattern here is 16×19, which is spin-friendly and can contribute to the power of the shots.

You will be able to hit some excellent and powerful shots with it. Baseline players will benefit heavily from this Racquet, and you can also use it when you play doubles.

This Racquet is very stable, and it allows people to redirect the pace without really having to take any strings.

In terms of Serving, this Racquet is a slight upgrade over the Wilson Blade 98. It is similar to that Racquet but has an added length that makes it slightly more powerful.

The head size and the added length of the Racquet do add some weight to it, but it is still more than controllable. And the head size will appeal to most people.


  • Oversized Racquet with massive head size
  • Powerful Racquet on Serves and Shots
  • Lovely string pattern for a spin


  • Difficult to control
  • Weight can be too much for some

 Wilson Clash 108

The success of the Clash 100 made Wilson create the Clash 108. In this Racquet, the company went all-in. They had several options, and the Wilson Clash 108 is the perfect weapon for all three kinds of players.

From a comfort standpoint, the Clash 108 is an impressive racquet. It is very friendly to the arms, and if you want to avoid injuries, do get this Racquet with your eyes closed!

The overall feel of the Racquet is excellent. You can swing it without any problems, and cutting the ball with spin is very easy.

Both single and double players will benefit from this Racquet so that you can get it no matter your preferred type of tennis game.

While some people may find this Racquet a bit big, it is still a pretty solid racquet overall. The head size here is 108 square inches which are great for beginners.

But the extra square inches on the Racquet don’t contribute to the overall weight. So, don’t get worried about that.

One minor gripe with this Racquet is that the players who are used to more feedback will find it a bit lackluster. The Racquet is accessible on the arm, though, so some people can’t tell if they have hit a bad shot or not.


  • It comes with a Huge head size for various levels
  • It provides a great feel
  • Can handle volleys very well


  • It can feel a bit soft for many people
  • Feedback is lacking

Wilson Pro Staff 97

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is relatively small, but it is one of the most well-revered racquets. Why, you ask? It is because this Racquet is similar to what Federer uses.

That similarity has made the Pro Staff 97 a legendary racquet in the tennis world. But this Racquet isn’t something a beginner should use, and it caters to professional players.

The head size is 97 square inches which can be limited to beginners. As we know, 100 square inches size is perfect for beginners.

The small sweet spot provided by this head size will be devastating to a newbie. But in the case of pros, this small size means better control so they will feel right at home.

Thanks to its stability, a professional tennis player can benefit significantly from this Racquet. You can get improved power and controlled shots from this.

Both baseline and near net players can benefit from this as well. The comfort level is excellent, thanks to the small size.

You will feel the difference when serving a ball with this Racquet. It feels super intuitive to do that. Players will also see more speed on their serve, thanks to the power generated from the small head size.

To conclude, if a player has a good skill-set and can easily handle this Racquet, the Racquet is worth trying. If you use the right string with the Racquet and your fundamentals are correct, this Racquet could even win you some tournaments!


  • Professional Racquets with great control
  • Players can use the Racquet for service, shots, and spin


  • The head size is small, not meant for beginners

Wilson Ultra 100

The Wilson Ultra 100 is considered the most generic Racquet that Wilson provides. But that doesn’t mean that this Racquet is bad.

On the contrary, this Racquet is very good. It is a generic racquet used by almost all types of players. The company has also spent some time making this Racquet perfect. And a lot of players like the feel of it.

This Racquet is designed to help players improve their game. It is a fast racquet that can allow you to provide some much-needed spin to the ball. This Racquet is also best at providing control.

Baseline players will find it beneficial. They can use this Racquet to do some sweet volleys and serves. But not many players have this playstyle.

Anyway, whether you like to play baseline or near-net, this Racquet can be helpful. This versatility is probably one of the many reasons this Racquet is so popular among tennis lovers.

A modern tennis player should give this Racquet a try. It is comfortable to use and friendly to beginners, and it is also pretty significant in terms of quality.


  • Spin can be developed quickly with this Racquet
  • Best for all levels


  • Not great for volleys

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS

Suppose you are a tennis player looking for a racquet with the most significant head size possible. In that case, the Wilson Hyper Hammer is the best one for you.

This Racquet has been a crowd-pleaser for a long time. It works well with all types of players. But we recommend this particular one for pros and intermediate players.

While the head size is more prominent than expected, it is quite beneficial to players that are not that mobile. With that giant head, you get an extended length of 27.5 inches here, and this length will make serving the ball much more manageable.

When you have a big head on a racquet, control is sacrificed. Not in this case, though. This Racquet has some impressive control for all kinds of players, and it is also actually lightweight.

If you are interested in a good quality racquet with impressive features, give this a try. There’s something for everyone in this, and it is an affordable racquet as well. So, if you start with Tennis, we recommend getting this one.


  • Ample head size
  • Great for swinging
  • Nice mix of Power and Control


  • It can be a bit too heavy for some

Why use a Wilson Tennis Racquet?

Wilson is one of the most innovative tennis racquet manufacturers in the world. They know what they are doing, and the company is quite impressive when it comes to making good quality racquets.

In addition, this company also uses new technology like FeelFlex, which makes the overall experience ten times better.

Wilson has a lot of products under its belt, so there’s something for everyone. They also know marketing and create hype for their products using different mediums. Wilson tries to get their products in front of a broad audience.

But all is not good. Wilson has also faced many problems with users demanding more innovation from the company. In recent years, they have answered these demands with the proper use of cutting-edge technology.

This technology adoption has made their products like Clash and Blade very important. The company also uses Tennis professionals to promote its products.

In terms of actual quality, Wilson’s racquets have a great design. They last a long time, and many people can use them for different cases.

From a very casual player to an experienced pro, anyone can use the Wilson Racquets. In addition to racquets, Wilson also manufactures a wide range of accessories to help tennis players.

They also make different strings for different price segments. So, Wilson as a brand is trustworthy, and it is also premium and has a lot of momentum behind it. This reason is why you should use a Wilson Tennis Racquet.

Buying Guide for Wilson Racquets

Here are some factors to consider before you get a Wilson Tennis Racquet:


The standard weight range of Wilson tennis racquets is 240 to 310 grams. A few of them can weigh a bit more or a bit less. Lightweight racquets provide more movement, but they won’t generate more power.

These lightweight racquets are meant for beginners as the beginners will find it easy to move on the court with these racquets in their hands. You can consider racquets of weight 240 to 265 as lightweight.

On the other hand, Heavy racquets are best for power. These are meant for pro players. Professional Players who have the strength to use heavy racquets and feet to move fast on the court anyway can use these. Any racquet above 300 grams can be considered heavy.

There are then intermediate racquets that intermediate players can use. These racquets have a perfect balance of control and power. Racquets of weight 265 to 300 grams can be considered intermediate racquets.

Size of the Head

The head of the Racquet is the exact spot where the ball hits. The math is simple, and a larger head size means fewer mistakes and more chances of hitting the ball.

Here’s the size breakdown:

Midsized  – 85 to 96 sq inches

Balanced – 96 to 100 sq. inches

Oversize – 100 to 115 sq. inches

Super Oversize – 116+ sq. inches

Generally experienced players will prefer a racquet with a Balanced or even Midsized head. This Racquet will improve their game, reduce their weight and give them more control. Newbies will go with Oversize and sometimes even Super Oversized racquets.


Before you buy a Wilson racquet, consider the balance you want. If you are not that experienced, go for a powerful racquet with a big head-sized, which will help you improve your game.

But if you are an experienced tennis player, go with small-sized heads, giving you more balance. In any case, choose the one that fits your playstyle.

For instance, if you are a solid guy who can power your shots from your arms anyway, there is no point in getting a heavy racquet.

Also, some players want more spin, so you need to get the one with the string pattern best for the spin. If your weight is a bit much and you can’t move on the court that quickly, perhaps get a lightweight racquet to help you out. So, as you can see, there are all these factors in play that you should consider.

Price and Build Quality

Wilson Racquets come at different price segments, but the build is almost the same, and the difference is only in the weights of the Racquet. So, once you have figured out the perfect weight, get the one that fits your price, and you should be okay!

Final Words

Wilson Racquets are about brand value, innovative technology, and great design. These racquets cater to a broad audience, and they have many features that can make you a better tennis player. All the Wilson racquets on this list are great for beginners and pro players. So, if you are in the market for a racquet and don’t know which brand to get. Go with Wilson!