7 Best Tennis Racquet For Control In 2022

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Control is a significant factor in any game. Especially if we talk about tennis, you must get reasonable control over your shot selection. There are many other factors to consider when playing tennis.

If you are someone who is trying to learn tennis, then control is essential in the shot selection. There are a number of racquets in the market but selecting the one that will help you in gaining control over powerful shots is very hard.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tennis racquets for control in the market. These racquets are great for providing excellent shot control and can also help you in getting better at the sport.

best tennis racquets for control

  1. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet (Best design)
  2. Wilson Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis Racquet (Best for kids)
  3. HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus Tennis Racquet (Best with durability)
  4. Babolat 2022 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet (Best strings)
  5. BABOLAT Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet (Best Overall)
  6. Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet (Best for professional play)
  7. HIRALIY Adult Recreational Tennis Racquet (Best Grip)

1. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet

The first racquet on our list is HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet. The head performance of this tennis racquet is really very appreciable. The racquet is one of the best aesthetically, and the design combined with vibrant colors makes the tennis racquet attractive.

We highly prefer you to go for this tennis racquet as the particular frame is more than enough to provide excellent control on a shot. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional; this racquet is the best one to get control training.

Coming in the grip size, the company provides multiple options so as to help people get a proper grip while hitting. Also, you can trust the 109 inches of the giant head to generate the needed force. The main body of the tennis racquet is very light in weight, and a beginner can always easily use it for thorough training.

The tennis racquet has a unique Nano Titanium technology which provides the racquet with high durability. The Grip Size is  4.375in, and the main length of the racquet is 27 inches. The overall strength of the tennis racquet is strong, and the after-sale service of the racquet is also excellent.

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2. Wilson Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis Racquet

Wilson Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis Racquet is an exceptional racquet that helps you get control of the game very quickly. But this racquet is specially designed for kids, and you can train your kid with power hitting. Tennis is a game that requires excellent focus and management, and this racquet can be the ideal choice for training your kid.

The head size of the racquet is 106+ sq inches. This is the most prominent head size available in our article. Smaller heads can provide better shot precision, and more oversized heads can even provide better control. This tennis racquet is all your kid can have to get control of with its vast head size.

The weight of the racquet also affects the performance. When it comes to tennis racquets, especially for kids, you cannot go with heavy-weighted ones. The company has taken care of this fact and has produced racquets according to kids.

The head-heavy racquet with a greater balance of mass can help you with getting the best act stability your child plays tennis. The head-heavy racquets are very heavy, and the frame used can help you get a long-lasting racquet. There are even many different color options available with this tennis racquet.

3. HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus Tennis Racquet

This incredible tennis racquet has numerous grip sizes, out of which the 4 ½ grip size is the most famous one. It is a pre-strung racquet that can help an adult to get better at tennis.

The unique oval head contains tightly stitched strings that can easily be here with a good amount of strain and stress. The overall look of the tennis racquet is pretty attractive. The Black and red combination of the racquet is also very amusing to look at.

When we talk of the grip, you can trust the soft hold the grip provides. It comes along with MICROGEL Technology which can evenly distribute the load and the force of the contact of the ball throughout the string section. The main body is made up of GRAPHITE which provides the tennis racquet durability and strength required for play.

The company mentions this tennis racquet to be a perfect fit for players who like to practice and play on the net. It is 27in long, and the outer frame is very durable. The head is oval and huge. It is more significant than what you usually get in the market so as to get better control over the shots.

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4. Babolat 2022 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet

Another brilliant tennis racquet with great boost driving power is the special Babolat 2022 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet. This is a pre-strung racquet with multiple grip options. This racquet is specially designed for beginners, and you can expect the excellent durability of the material.

Graphite is one of the most effective tennis racquet materials out there in the market. But the problem that arises here is the fact that this material is very costly. But the tennis racquet we have mentioned here in the article is very cost-efficient and is made up of the same class of durable graphite.

The unique strings attached to the tennis racquet are very stylish and can provide excellent stretch. With this stretch comes the control one needs over tennis balls.

The outer frame is not very precisely designed; hence if you are looking for a tennis racquet for rough play, then this is not the ideal one to go for. However, if you are looking for a racquet to train yourself in unique control shots, then the racquet can help you out.

The grip is very soft, but people have complained about it being sensitive to regular shock. However, re-installation of grips is very easy in this tennis racquet.

5. BABOLAT Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet

Here is another classy product from BABOLAT. The racquet is very different from all others in the market due to its fantastic length distribution. The company has provided a large head size with a minimal hand grip. You will also get a 4 3/8 inches hand grip.

The bluish and black color combination of the rim is beautiful. You can also have a particular oval-shaped land head, which can easily help you to get control over the ball. The tennis racquet weighs just 0.32 kg which is actually very attractive.

The big brand provides excellent customer support and service and if you are not satisfied with the product you can always complain about your and satisfaction to their service management and they will look after your complaint.

The unique force distribution formula used by the company makes their product long-lasting. This tennis racquet is a perfect fit for people who are looking for control racquets for playing doubles.

The frame is fragile, which makes the device light in weight, but it also is a negative factor. If you use the racquet to play harsh shots that there is a high possibility of frame fracture.

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6. Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet

This tennis racquet is exceptional and different from all the others due to its main composition. It is basically made up of aluminum which is highly resistant to strain and any force. You will get a large 110 inches of the leading tennis head which will provide excellent control over all your strokes and shots.

This racquet is the equipment of the modern era, and it is specially designed to bear the strong force one faces while hacking a shot. The unique head tour Pro tennis racquet is a perfect one for beginners. If you or someone who is looking for a tennis racquet to start pressure training under a  cost-effective tennis racquet, then this might be the best choice for you.

Even the grip size is 4.5 inches which is more significant than what you usually get. Though the head is pretty extensive, it is light in weight, and hence you can easily get the stability required while playing tennis with the racquet.

It is made from nanotechnology titanium near its neck section, which increases the capacity to absorb vibration. The frame weight is 275 g which can be a little more than you usually expect.

7. HIRALIY Adult Recreational Tennis Racquet

The last item for your use in the article would be a complete set of 2 fantastic Tennis racquets with complementary Tennis balls. The tennis racquet is suitable for beginners, but professionals can use the racquet to get better at the game.

The mainframe is light in weight, and the strings attached to the frame provide extreme durability to the tennis racquet. You will also get a set of over-grips that will help you in getting a stronghold over the accessory.

The 105 inches wide tennis head provides you with greater precision and control over your shots. Moreover, the entire set is very cost-efficient. The lightweight frame makes swinging the tennis racquet easier. 

On the other hand, you will also get two different racquet covers with the set that will help to protect the frame and strings. The cover can help you to carry the tennis racquet from one place to another.

The triangle-shaped support is robust, and you can trust the firm material to provide enough vibration control. The grip attached to the primary support will help you to get better at your game.

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What To Consider While Purchasing A Tennis Racquet For Control? (Buying Guide)

Of all the Tennis racquets present in the market, if you were searching for a racquet that can help you with getting control over the short play, then you can refer to the products we have mentioned above in the article. But you must never forget that even selecting from the above list can be problematic if you don’t have a clear thought on what you want from your tennis racquet.

Hence to help you out and to make things easier for you, we have this buying guide with numerous points that will help you in getting a clear view while selecting.


The handgrip plays an extraordinary role in playing tennis in control. If you want to gain accurate control over your shots, then you must look out for the best grip size. The handgrip is very crucial, and if you lack hand grip, then there will be problems in hitting the shot with full power and control.

The most common handgrip out there is 4 inches. You can even get bigger grip sizes, but we will always recommend trying your grip size before you finalize the option.

String Pattern

The string pattern is also necessary for a racquet. There are different patterns in the tennis racquets. Patterns such as oval and round ones are great with providing force.

But when we talk of grip, then these days, Racquet companies provide particular technologies to enhance the control. If you are looking for excellent reasonable control on your Racquet, then we will always suggest you look for such unique technologies in your racquet.

Head Size

Another point of consideration is the head size of the tennis racquet. There are three different head sizes of tennis racquets. There can be small, medium, and large head sizes. If we are aiming for control from then, the small racquets are the best option.

The greater the size of the racquet, the more air resistance it will face. We always recommend minimizing this resistance and further the friction. Hence the head size becomes a determining factor in selecting a tennis racquet for control. 


Flexibility is a very crucial thing to have if you want to have a tennis racquet for control. If the flexibility is more than required, the racquet will soak up all the pressure, and further, you cannot get reasonable control.

The racquet with greater stiffness and a more substantial base is always preferred to get control of your shots. The rim flexibility and the string flexibility are the other two points to be considered. If the string flexibility is terrible, then aiming for the control is still hard.

Racquet Length

Racquet Length is also an essential factor to be considered. There are different lengths available with the tennis racquets. Basically, some of them are made for kids, others for men and women.

If you want to have great control over the racquet and your shot, then you must select the length accordingly. For example, if a kid uses a men’s racquet, the length of the racquet will be the main problem in getting control. 

Rim Material

The material of the rim decides the durability of the racquet. When the durability increases, you can even get better control over the shot. There can be numerous materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and even graphite.

Graphite combined with aluminum is solid, and one can always trust the combination for getting good hitting power.

Neck Attachment

The attachment or the main throat which connects the head with a grip can also provide you with reasonable control. The wider neck attachments are not good with durability, and hence they don’t provide enough strength. 

On the other hand, the narrow attachment is enough to provide the control needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the grip of a tennis racquet play a role in having control over a short?

The grip is the section that will allow you to hold the tennis racquet in your hands. While playing a shot, you require a firm hold so as to minimize the vibration and generate the maximum counterforce. Grip has everything to do with the control while playing the shot with force.

What will be the most crucial factor to promote control on a tennis racquet?

The most crucial factor to have control over a tennis racquet is stiffness. If the racquet is not stiff or if the frame is fragile, then you can never have reasonable control over the shot. The unique BABOLAT Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet is the best one that promotes control. 


We have mentioned the top 7 control Tennis racquets in the article above. A precise and detailed buying guide is also provided, we hope that this article proved to be useful to you.