10 Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners In 2022

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Tennis racquets are something very special to the sport. People love to see and enjoy tennis, but only a few of them dare to play tennis professionally. To play tennis in a professional way, all you need is a good accessory. 

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the best tennis racquets for beginners that will help you to get better at the game:

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners

  1. Teloon Adult Recreational Tennis racquet
  2. WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis racquets
  3. WOED BATENS Adult 2 Player Tennis racquet Perfect for Beginner 
  4. OPPUM 27″ Pro Tennis racquets -2PCS, for Adult Women and Men Student 
  5. HIRALIY Adult Recreational Tennis racquets for Adults 2 Pack,27 inch Tennis racquets for Adults Beginners
  6. MAIBOLE Junior Tennisracquet Recreational Tennis racquet Pre-Strung Head Light Balance
  7. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis racquet, Super Lightweight Tennis racquets
  8. HEAD Ti. Reward tennis racquet – Pre-Strung Light Balance
  9. WOED Adult Tennis racquet Perfect for Beginner 
  10. Senston Tennis racquet-27 inch 2 Players Tennis racquet

Teloon Adult Recreational Tennis racquet

The first item on the list is the Teloon Adult Recreational Tennis racquet. This tennis racquet is one of the best-selling racquets on Amazon.

As the company mentions, this racquet is basically made for beginners. You can always trust the racquet to provide good swing and force, which will help a beginner to adapt to the game. 

The after-sales services of the racquet company are extraordinary, and you can trust the quality of their accessories. The head size is medium (102 inch2). 

The main handle is made up of wood with a brilliant cover providing a good grip. This tennis racquet comes in 10 different colors, which gives you an option to select from a range of items.

These racquets are made from synthetic strings, which can bear a pressure of more than 50 lbs. Moreover, if you talk of the stroke force, this racquet will provide you with an average swing, but the force generation is not what we expect from a professional racquet

If you are a beginner and are looking for an average tennis racquet under a reasonable range, then we can suggest this racquet for you. On the other hand, if you are going for professional training, then there are better options in the market. 

WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis racquets

The special WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis racquets are all you need if you want a robust frame. In 1999 this tennis racquet was named the most influential tennis accessory in the world.

The frame of this racquet is very strong, and it is the most durable one mentioned in the article. It provides an ideal combination of swing, power, and control. 

The reaction to the ball via this tennis racquet is very awe-inspiring. It reflects the ball with great force, which is just perfect for pushing the ball in the court. The best part about the racquet is its easy-grip which provides most people a comfortable strike. 

Talking of the head, it is a vast giant-sized head that can help a beginner to get the maximum coverage area one requires to hit a ball. The exceptional head-heavy balance increases the stability of the player while playing. 

The lighter frames provide good momentum, and the racquet Swing provided with the synthetic strings is fantastic. There is an open string pattern present in the racquet, which provides a funky look. 

The price range is also good, and you can always rely on the supreme quality of the tennis racquet. 

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WOED BATENS Adult 2 Player Tennis racquet Perfect for Beginner

The main attraction of this racquet is its strong string. The High tension string provided with this tennis racquet has massive force absorption capabilities. As beginner players always find high-speed explosive attacks challenging to handle but this tennis racquet can help you out to neutralize the force and deal with the short very easily.

The integrated structure of this racquet provides the mainframe with the durability one desires. The unique integrated frame makes it vibration proof which helps in providing better direction and force to the ball.

There is an exceptional shock absorber attached with the strings that absorb the critical forces from the ball and doesn’t transmit it to the player’s hand, making the delivery better. 

The comfortable oversized grip provides a solid grip for the player, and this helps in generating better forces to smash a tennis ball. After using the grip for a more extended period of time, you always get an option to replace the grip easily. 

The specially designed tennis racquet head covers up the maximum area where the ball can be hit from. After sales service of this racquet is pretty impressive, and you can trust the company with the accessory. 

OPPUM 27″ Pro Tennis racquets -2PCS, for Adult Women and Men Student

As the name suggests, the company manufactures these Tennis racquets, especially for students. The one-piece molded technology is fantastic to get a good grip in generating massive force to hit the ball.

The groundstroke plane with this women’s tennis racquet is pretty amazing to witness. These racquets come in a set at a very reasonable price. This product has high durability and even greater intensity hitting. 

It comes with an Aluminum carbon rim that is very durable and, on the other hand, it is resistant to force. The vibration absorber is very significant, and you can trust the grip to give a sharp swing. 

Shock absorption is also excellent, and there is little chance of losing the racquet out of the grip. The Head Size is 105 sq. in, and this provides a great coverage area. 

Not only is the tennis racquet very durable, but it is also light in weight which helps in easy transportation of the tennis racquet from one spot to another. The best thing about this racquet is the fact that it is not expensive at all, which is excellent for beginners. 

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HIRALIY Adult Recreational Tennis racquets for Adults 2 Pack,27 inch Tennis racquets for Adults Beginners– Best Lightweight Tennis Racquet for Beginners

The frame of this racquet is made up of aluminum which actually provides people a lookout for a while selecting a tennis racquet. It is a 27-inch tennis racquet that is perfect for adult beginners, but we won’t suggest it for kids. It is lightweight and highly durable, which is a rare combination to find.

In addition, you get a unique carry bag that can help you with easy transportation of these racquets, and it will also protect the sensitive strings from getting damaged. Being lightweight, it is easier to swing the racquet at a higher speed to get better acceleration. 

The vast head size of 105 creates a better spot for hitting the ball very heavily. The thick Aluminum is good with absorbing force, and the two over grips can provide you with an excellent stagnant hold. 

There is a T joint when we talk of the racquet’s design which makes it very strong to absorb the force and carry the ball back to the other court. If you are a beginner and are searching for an average-sized tennis racquet, then this is not a bad option. 

MAIBOLE Junior Tennisracquet Recreational Tennis racquet Pre-Strung Head Light Balance

It is a pre-strung tennis racquet, and you won’t be requiring a unique adaptation to your tennis racquet to get the best force generation while you swing it. The balancing, on the other hand, is very significant, providing additional benefits to the player.

It is a carbon aluminum integrated tennis racquet that automatically tells about the durability and the long-lasting quality of the material. This big head size of 80-94 sq inch is pretty amazing to get the perfect swing. The Grip size is 4″, which is moreover a common one seen out there. 

The overall weight of the tennis racquet mentioned here is just 210-260g which is actually something exciting. It makes the transportation very easy and quick. On the other hand, it’s easy to hold and has a specially designed body. 

There is a one-piece design with an indoor training set available out there with the tennis racquet. It is kid-friendly and can quickly help your children to get better with the sport. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a tennis racquet for an adult beginner, then this is not the best racquet we will suggest. This is the junior version and is basically for kids. On the other hand, you can also get an adult version of this racquet. 

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OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis racquet, Super Lightweight Tennis racquets

One of the unique features of this tennis racquet is the fact that it comes with a wooden handle that is great with double shock absorption. The tennis racquet is moreover a triangular structure that provides long-lasting durability to the device.

The combination of this unique handle with the triangular face extends the durability and helps to absorb the extra force. It can also double filter the bad vibrations, and the racquet angle makes it move more freely.

You also get independent hole positions with unique double-hole technology that helps you to adapt better to the swinging forces. The beautiful appearance of this racquet, along with the stylish looking rim, provides an excellent elastic effect to rebound the ball. 

Carbon fiber mixed with aluminum metal makes it even more durable with the wooden handle. The highly durable mesh belt strengthens the tennis racquet. You also get special baggage where you can pack your tennis racquet and keep it safe. 

The Tennis racquet weighs Just 0.61lb. However, the wooden handle is not something a professional would want, but it’s suitable for a beginner. It also provides something fashionable to the person regarding the sport. 

HEAD Ti. Reward tennis racquet – Pre-Strung Light Balance

This is also something exceptional and a very famous product out there in the market. The performance is very significant, and when this head is used to push off the ball to the next court, it generates a tremendous stroke force.

Aesthetically the equipment is perfect, and it looks moreover a modern device to have. It is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a broad head and good angulation. 

You get a particular lightweight advantage over this racquet, and this can help you to reduce the vibration and increase stability. With minimal vibrations on your grip, the striking force becomes better. 

When there is a durable Nano titanium technology present with the device, with such heavy and durable metal, you get an ideal grip. Net style is very new and modern, but it is not what a beginner would admire. If you are a beginner and want some challenges while you play tennis, then this is a great option to go for.

The t-shaped attachment of the head to the grip makes it very strong so as to retain the swinging force. Customer review over this product has been great so that you can trust the product. 

WOED Adult Tennis racquet Perfect for Beginner

The integrated structure and the round main head give this tennis racquet a completely different outlook. The structure dampens off the vibration, and you can always trust the most robust grip it provides.

The tennis racquet with its mainframe is shockproof while receiving Tennis balls, and you can get better directions and control over your shots with the product. 

The comfortable over grip provided with the Tennis racquet is actually very firm, and along with the unique handle, you get a suitable attachment with the main head. The over grip has a base grip with a highly elastic layer over it.

The elastic layer makes it look shiny, and the base grip gives a stronghold. The head is designed in such a way that both professionals and beginners can play with it.

Suppose you are not satisfied with the product that the company offers you, free return and exchange services. You also can get 24 hours customer care service and a certification of authenticity.

On the ending note, we will always recommend this tennis racquet for an adult beginner. The massive head of this tennis racquet might not be the best option for a kid beginner.

Senston Tennis racquet-27 inch 2 Players Tennis racquet

The average weight of this tennis racquet is  260-280g which is actually something to look out for. If you’re a beginner, then carrying Tennis racquets in two places can be very hectic, and the best option out there would be to select a lightweight tennis racquet.

It is a 27-inch racquet and comes within a set. The best part about this racquet is the fact that it is suitable for adults, teenagers, and even grown men. With the introduction of the unique one-piece molded technology, there is always a chance of getting a better vibration absorption. 

The Design looks pretty good, but it could have been better with additional support to the net. The net Design is regular, and the synthetic strings are used. 

Shock absorption is good with a lightweight body. You can also have excellent sufficient stroke control with the tennis racquet. The two high-grade Tennis racquets with excellent power grips are a fantastic combination. 

You also get a number of options with designs and colors and moreover this is a good product for adults and kids.

What to Look For When Buying Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners?

When one talks of tennis racquets for beginners, there must be many points to be considered. If you try to pick the best tennis racquet from the market, then things can get very tricky. If you don’t have an idea about tennis racquets, then there is a high possibility you will end up buying the inferior product. 

To help you out, we have mentioned a buyer’s guide that can help you with buying the best according to your choice. These points will help you to pick up the best fit for you. 

Type of tennis racquet

There are a number of types of tennis racquets available in the market, out of which they could be categorized into three main categories. 

  • The power racquets
  • The control racquet
  • Tweener racquets

The power racquets are very special racquets that can help a player to get real power while playing tennis. There is a significant beginner problem seen while selecting the power racquets. 

Beginners often don’t understand the power by which they should hit a ball with these racquets to get the best results. Hence you must lookout for a power racquet that generates limited power according to your use. 

The control racquet gives you excellent control over your stroke and if you are someone who is looking to get better in the game. Probably this is the best type of racquet a beginner should use. If you get reasonable control of your game, you can go for other tennis racquets easily. 

The third one or the tweener tennis racquet is somewhat in between both of these racquets, and it is often used for general practice uses. 

Head size

Head size is something significant to be considered while selecting a tennis racquet. The manufacturers of tennis racquets basically manufacture racquets according to different head sizes. These head sizes are customized according to gender, age, and size. 

If you are a beginner, then always try holding the tennis racquet in your hand and swing it to get an idea about the best head size that suits you. 

On the other hand, you must consider the transportation of the tennis racquet an essential factor. Oversized head-size tennis racquets are very hard to carry to different places.


The grip of the tennis racquet is also something to be considered before you select a racquet for use. You never want to get a lousy grip on your tennis racquet. 

If you get a terrible grip while playing, there are high chances that your tennis racquet slips from your hand, and in this case, you won’t be able to generate the power required in the stroke. 

Wire strength

Basically, there are two types of wires or strings used in tennis racquets. There could be natural or synthetic strings used in tennis racquets. Synthetic strings are always preferred, and natural ones are not that great and famous these days. 

The synthetic strings are very durable and can sustain a vast amount of pressure. It is a good option for beginners. 

Natural wires are not that good with durability, and they are made from cows’ intestines, which could be offensive to a few people, and synthetic is always a better option. 


The frame and its durability depend on the material by which the frame is made. You never expect a plastic frame to play professional tennis; hence you must choose a durable and robust frame. 

Many beginners get attracted to funky-looking frames and end up selecting bad frames. But we will suggest getting a frame that will last long. 


If you are a beginner, then always look for your comfort in any sporting equipment. The other things to look out for would be the group and the head size of the racquet. 

The OPPUM 27″ Pro Tennis racquets -2PCS, for Adult Women and Men Students is a perfect tennis racquet for beginners. However, all the Tennis racquets mentioned in the article are great, but if you talk of the best, the OPPUM 27″ takes the lead.