7 Best Tennis Racket For Senior Players In 2021

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As of now, people of all ages are enjoying different kinds of sports. One such sport is tennis which has become pretty popular among senior players. However, not all the available tennis rackets are ideal for senior players, which is the primary reason to create this guide. In order to help find the best models, we are here with the list of the seven best tennis rackets for senior players.

If you do not have enough time to check out the entire post, then here is the sneak peek of the best tennis rackets for senior players:

Best Tennis Racket for Senior Players

  1. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket
  2. PROKENNEX Ki 15 300 Tennis Racket
  3. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket
  4. Teloon Recreational Adult Tennis Rackets
  5. WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets
  6. WOED BATENS Adult 2 Player Tennis Rackets
  7. LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket

1. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket 

Here is our top option as the best tennis rackets for senior players. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket is famous for its durability and functionality. It is made of reliable Titanium substances, which are not that heavy.

The tennis racket uses unique Nano Titanium technology, and the lightweight feature makes it last for an extended period. This model is excellent for senior players who require more control and perform the moderate swing.

It ensures reliable head performance, which meets the required standards to be the best tennis racket for all levels of play. This tennis racket retains a headlight balance, and it assists in lessening vibration. Moreover, it helps in stability when you hit the ball.

This tennis racket comes with a large 108 sq. inches head area which generates a big sweet spot. In addition to that, it is incredible for players who are learning to be skilled in precision.

It has a frame weight of about 9.7 oz, and the total length of the racket is 27 inches. Besides that, it has a reliable grip handle, and the racket features a grip size of 4.25 inches.

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2. PROKENNEX Ki 15 300 Tennis Racket

The PROKENNEX Ki 15 300 Tennis Racket is another model which is highly recommended for first-time senior players. It is prepared from high-quality materials so that it would not break easily and withstand rough use for a long time.

The tennis racket assures a smooth hit and gives you more control. Plus, the handle ensures a soft grip, which keeps you comfortable. The grip size of the racket is Size 1 – 4 1/8 inches.

It comes with a unique structure, and the quantity of kinetic mass present in the oval head and the medium frame weight make it one of the best models. Also, you can swing the tennis ball in the back and in a topspin,. While doing so, you will not lose control of the trajectories.

This tennis racket has white and black colored mixed strings, which come with a string scheme of 16 x 19. These flat strings measure about 105 inches, and the frame is a combination of colors such as Bianco, carbonio, and blue.

The total weight of the tennis racket is around 300g, and it gives perfect grip during the swing. It has a 320 mm balance which will aid in enhancing stability during the hit.

3. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

This model from OPPUM comes with a triangular structure frame that can absorb shocks. It has a convenient wooden handle and shock-absorbing hand glue, which gives enhanced protection from vibrations.

The frame of this racket is prepared from a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum metal substances. Plus, it has a durable mesh belt, which enhances the racket’s performance and improves strength and durability.

It uses double hole technology threading, and every threading hole maintains an independent rubber hole position, which makes it highly stable and elegant.

The tennis racket has an unstrung weight of 10.4 oz and a strung weight of 11.3 oz. In addition to that, this medium-weight model does not cause any hand pain or shoulder sprain.

It comes with a head size of 110 sq. inches. It has a grip size of 4 3/8, which is ideal for both male and female senior players. Also, this model retains a total length of 685 mm.

The handle grip is comfortable and allows you to change the racket angle freely with ease. You will get a tennis racket, a carrying bag, one shock absorber, and a tennis grip.

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4. Teloon Recreational Adult Tennis Rackets

If you are in search of a beginner tennis racket for senior players, here is the perfect pick for you. Teloon Recreational Adult Tennis Rackets are made from a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber materials.

The premium quality string protector helps in preventing damage from the collision. Also, it can extend the working span of the racket. In addition to that, it assists in safeguarding the strings from abrasion.

Due to its one-piece structure and lightweight frame, the tennis racket gives more power and ensures reliability. Plus, it offers you more control, making it easier to hit the ball.

It features a solid triangle design which comes with absorption technology. It helps in enhancing the shock absorption impact and boosting the hitting power.

This model is available in 10 different colors, so you can choose the one which you like the most. It has a head size of 102 sq. inches and a weight of 280 grams which is not too light nor too heavy.

The tennis racket from Teloon features a grip size of Size 1 – 4 1/8 inches, and the total length racket is 27 inches. It appears with a string pattern of 16 x 19.

5. WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets

WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Racket is the best functional and one of the high-end models on our list. This model comes with a user-friendly and colorful frame with a mix of blue and orange shades.

Because of its unique color strategy, there is a warm palette on the exterior of the racket. It crashes with a colder palette that expands from the rear of the racket.

 The tennis racket uses BLX technology, which comprises basalt carbon fiber composite. This material is incorporated into the racket frame and aids in muting unnecessary vibrations and offers a smoother hit.

It is made of high-quality and lightweight materials. They support in improving the match and provide a chance to show superior performance.

The tennis racket utilizes the Perimeter Weighting System for ensuring absolute balance. It has a midsized head that delivers an improved feel and more control. Talking about control, don’t forget to read our article on the best available tennis rackets for control.

In order to give a more convenient grip, there is a cushion aire grip. Besides that, it is highly maneuverable around the net. This pre-strung tennis racket features a one-year full warranty.  

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6. WOED BATENS Adult 2 Player Tennis Racket

If you are looking for two tennis rackets at an affordable price, WOED BATENS Adult 2 Player Tennis Rackets are the perfect pick. These two models are made of decent quality substances.

Each racket comes with a better quality nylon tennis thread, and the high tension string will make it easy to hit the ball with more control. The length of each racket is about 27 inches and has a head size of 105 inches.

These tennis rackets have a reliable design, which makes them easy to grip the handle firmly. They use integrated structure vibration damper technology, which makes the rackets highly stable and shock-proof.

There is a shock absorber that is launched between the reliable strings using a groove and ensures that it will not fall down.

The tennis rackets have decent quality silica gel, which is relatively efficient for reducing end string vibrations. Also, it helps in absorbing shocks and lessens the tremors from the ball and racket.

They have a double overgrip (base overgrip and high-elastic overgrip). In addition to that, it is best to replace the external high-elastic grip after using it for an extended period.

7. LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket

LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket is one of the models in this list that has the best design and uses high-end technology. It utilizes whole-shaped technology, and the single-piece structure makes the racket more stable.

Because of advanced technology usage, this tennis racket helps in absorbing shock. It is a regrip model and features an anti-shock sweatband.

The handle is made of pure durable material, and it is coated with a foam substance so that you would not feel uncomfortable while gripping the handle.

It arrives with a 102 sq. inches of head size, which gives an improved sweet spot, and it helps in improving the hit rate with ease. This tennis racket has an unstrung weight of 280g.

This racket is prestrung with decent quality strings, which are known to last for a long time and can withstand heavy ball force as well. The one-piece structure is sturdy, and it ensures better shock absorption.

The primary body of the tennis racket has a matte black colored pattern with some sprinkles. You can choose this racket in four different colored models, including purple, pink, yellow, and blue.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Tennis Racket For Senior Players (Buying Guide)

With the presence of plenty of tennis racket models, people are often confused about which product to buy. Some players who purchase the rackets without considering any essential factors are likely to survive only for a few rounds. If you are looking to acquire a durable tennis racket, it is best to look for the below factors.

Weight of the racket

The first and foremost thing you have to consider while choosing the best tennis rackets for senior players is the racket’s weight. It is because weight influences your grip while you swing the racket. In general, the weight of tennis rackets varies from 225g to 340g.

When it comes to senior players, it is better to choose the rackets that have a weight range of 290g to 330g unstrung (for males) and 280g to 320g unstrung (for females). In addition to that, make sure to avoid heavyweight models.

Head size of the racket

As we said before, tennis rackets come with various head sizes: midsize (85 to 96 sq. inches), mid plus (96 to 106 sq. inches), oversize (106 to 115 sq. inches), and super oversize (over 116 sq. inches).

For female senior players, it is best to choose rackets that have a head size between 105 sq. inches to 120 sq. inches. The head size of rackets between 100 sq. inches to 110 sq. inches is suitable for male senior players.

Length of the racket

In general, the regular length of tennis rackets will be about 27 inches. However, you can find these rackets that range from 19 inches to 29 inches. The longer rackets are known to provide more power to the swing. Considering all other factors, the length of tennis rackets that is ideal for senior players is approximately 27 to 28 inches.

Strings of the racket

For senior players, it is best to choose tennis rackets that have strings made of softer multifilament material. We suggest the natural gut as the top option because it can hold the tension well compared to other kinds of strings. However, it is a little more costly than others. Keep in mind not to purchase the tennis rackets that have strings made of polyester.

Beamwidth of the racket

The tennis rackets that give more power usually arrive with thicker beams. Beam widths between 18 to 21mm offer more control and less power. If you would like to choose rackets with less control and more power, make sure to select the models that have beam widths of 25 to 28mm. However, if you want a perfect balance between control and power, then it is best to choose the rackets with 22 and 24mm beam widths.

Cost of the racket

The price of tennis rackets varies from one model to the others. Remember not to buy the poor-quality models as they would not even last for a few matches. Instead, it is better to choose rackets made of high-quality materials which ensure long-term use. Between the $50 to $100 range, you can find the best models that are prepared with decent quality substances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best tennis racket for senior players?

The best tennis racket for senior players is HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket. It is made of durable material, gives better grip, offers more control, and is accessible at an affordable rate. Also, you can hold it comfortably without feeling any discomfort.

What is ideal for senior players: lightweight rackets or heavyweight rackets?

For senior players, it is recommended to choose lightweight rackets over heavyweight models. It is because the medium-weight and lightweight tennis rackets allow the players to pick up power and control easily. 

Are a vibration dampener and a good overgrip good for senior players?

A: Yes. Senior players give more priority to vibration dampeners and a good overgrip as they are beneficial. Also, they help in absorbing plenty of shocks and ensure better performance during the match.


With the availability of various tennis rackets, it has become hard for people to choose the best model. Due to that, we have carefully curated this list, and after thorough research, we included the best tennis rackets for senior players. All these models surpass the basic standards and are proven to last longer.

Nonetheless, our primary pick is HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket, which is prepared from high-quality substances. It has a perfect handle grip, gives a durable head performance, enhances your swing, and is available at a reasonable cost.