5 Best Intermediate Tennis Racket In 2021

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While playing the tennis match, using a suitable tennis racket is vital to enhance your play, get a comfortable grip, and lessen injuries. Also, you can give your full performance during the game. Due to that, we have shortlisted high-end tennis racket models, and you can choose the best intermediate tennis racket ideal for you.

Best Intermediate Tennis Rackets

Here is the brief list of the best intermediate tennis rackets of

1. WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Racket is our top pick and is definitely one of the best models for intermediate players. It comes with a strong frame that allows the players to perform short and tiny swings.

The racket is based on Hammer Technology and develops a large sweet spot in order to give more power and forgiveness. Also, it ensures a smoother hit and provides you with more control.

This tennis racket features head-heavy balance, which improves stability and acceleration in a lighter frame. It has an oversized head that develops incredible power and expands forgiveness with large sweet spots.

It has an open string pattern that produces more spin and power. The tennis racket is accessible in more than ten different colors and color combinations. Besides that, it features Hyper Hammer 5.3 style, and it is available in plenty of other styles as well.

In addition to that, it comes in all four grip sizes, including Size 1 – 4 1/8″, Size 2 – 4 1/4″, Size 3 – 4 3/8″, and Size 4 – 4 1/2″. For intermediate players, the Size 3 grip is better and enhances their performance.

2. HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus Tennis Racket

The tennis racket uses high-end and unique MicroGel technology, and this substance is present in the frame and positioned throughout the head of the racket.

When MicroGel is incorporated with carbon composite in the racket’s head, it distorts and compresses, which happens because of the ball effect. It absorbs and distributes the effect burden evenly all the way to the whole frame.

MicroGel builds a durable feel, enhances comfort, and simultaneously gives additional stability against wrenching. The HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus Tennis Racket delivers an incredible control that encourages players to strengthen their performance during the match.

It has a frame weight of 312 g (11 oz), and the head size dimension is 98 inches. In addition to that, this model has a grip size of 4 3/8in (3). This tennis racket comes with a length of 27 inches, and the string pattern is 18/20.

It is one of the best-selling tennis rackets, which is available in various sizes, such as Size 1 – 4 1/8″, Size 2 – 4 1/4″, Size 3 – 4 3/8″, Size 4 – 4 1/2″, Size – 4 5/8.

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3. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket

If you are looking for a high-end tennis racket, here is the best model for your requirements. It comes with a black and yellow construction. The Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket is an upgraded version, which is quite costly.

It arrives with an Aeromodular beam construction which gives more head speed and lessens wind drag. It uses unique technology, which makes the racket easy to use without any injuries.

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket has durable strings, which are primarily black in color, and some of them are white. It is made of graphite material and can last for a longer duration.

It features a grip size of 4 3/8 inches, and it is perfect for intermediate tennis players. This racket has a reliable handle made of durable materials. Also, the grip handle is covered with a soft substance in order to provide great comfort to your hands.

You will get a yellow, black-colored combination durable storage bag where you can put the tennis racket after using it. It has a stylish, trendy design, and you can carry it everywhere.

4. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racket

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racket is made of braided graphite material, which provides a pure and compatible feel. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced players as well who are familiar with swinging substantial frames.

It appears with a classic design that is on par with the creative structure of its previous models. This racket improves hit accuracy and helps in enhancing your performance while playing the game.

This tennis racket provides excellent performance, and it comes with a sleek design, which gives a comfortable grip. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racket is the most expensive model on this list. This racket is personally used by one of the most world-famous athlete, Roger Federer.

One best aspect is that you can choose the racket from different colored strings. Though the model is the same, the string is available in numerous colors, including green, black, blue, orange, pink, red, silver, white, and yellow.

It has a head size of 97 square inches (625.81 square cm), and the total length of the racket is 27 inches (68.5cm). The strung weight of this model is about 12.6oz (357g), and it has a beam width of 21.5mm.

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5. HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance

Here comes another tennis racket, which is known for its design and high-end performance. The HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance model is prepared from durable titanium materials.

It is a combination of reliable, light titanium and uses graphite fiber technology. Because of that, this tennis racket can withstand heavy use and last for an additional period.

This tennis racket features a frame weight of 252 g (8.9 oz) and a grip size of 4.375 inches. In addition to that, the whole head size of the racket is 115 inches, and the total length is 27.75 inches.

The solid titanium and graphite alloy frame give extra force and durability to every shot. Plus, it is one of the most versatile tennis rackets.

It has an oversized head that measures about 115 inches. Due to that, the tennis racket builds a huge sweet spot, making it an incredible choice for players who are still dealing with accuracy.

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket is suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level players. Also, it is ideal for casual players of all ages. As this tennis racket comes with a head heavy, it helps in reinforcing durability and control while hitting the tennis ball.

What To Consider While Purchasing Intermediate Tennis Racket (Buying Guide)?

Currently, there are different tennis racket manufacturers who are developing various models of tennis rackets. If you do not want to end up with a low-quality or cheaply made racket, it is vital to look at some factors before buying the racket.

Racket Head Size

In general, tennis rackets are available in different head sizes, including midsize (85 to 96 square inches), midplus (96 to 106 square inches), oversize (106 to 115 square inches), and super oversize (over 116 square inches). Head size is the actual size of the hitting area located inside the tennis racket frame.

The best tennis racket for intermediate players should have a head size between 100 to 110 inches. Due to that, you can either choose oversize or midplus head-size models. It is clear that the oversize or midplus rackets are suitable for the skills and efficiency of intermediate players.

Racket Length

The typical length of a tennis racket is 27 inches, and there are some longer rackets that have a length of up to 29 inches. If the racket is a little longer, it gives incredible leverage on a swing and delivers extra power to the hit.

The suitable length of the tennis racket for intermediate players is between 27 to 28 inches. Depending on your height, you can conclude which type of racket to choose. In addition to that, there are even 19 inches rackets which are ideal for children-level games.

Racket Weight

Here is one of the most crucial factors to consider while planning to acquire the best intermediate tennis racket. This aspect helps in specifying how you feel when you hold the racket in your hand. Besides that, weight affects the grip during the swing. The weight of tennis rackets ranges from 225g to 340g. For intermediate players, it is better to choose rackets with a medium-weight frame (280g to 300g).


The distribution of weight along the length of the racket is referred to as racket balance. A head-heavy racket, evenly balanced rackets, and light head rackets are different kinds of tennis rackets. The intermediate player’s rackets usually have a more balanced ratio between power and control.

However, you can also choose rackets that offer slightly more control and less power. The evenly balanced rackets are suitable for players who use round play strategy, which means they play near the net and behind the court as well.

Grip Size

Generally speaking, tennis rackets have various grips labeled from 1 to 5, depending on their border. A 4 ⅜ (3) grip is ideal for adult players. However, you can go with a 4 ¼ grip (2) if you have smaller hands than average. Also, for players with extra-long hands, a 4 ½ grip (4) will be comfortable. If you do not know which grip model to acquire, it is better to go with a smaller grip so you can add additional overgrip whenever you want.

Beam Width

If the racket comes with a thick beam, it means that model is powerful. More power and fewer control rackets have 25 to 28mm beam widths, meanwhile, more control and fewer power rackets feature 18 to 21mm beam widths. For intermediate players, a racket with beam widths between 22 and 24mm offers the best balance of power and control for intermediate players.


Before selecting an intermediate tennis racket, check its price and see if it is worth the cost or not. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best racket because intermediate tennis racket models are available between the price range of $100 to $150. There are some highly expensive models as well. All we ask is to avoid choosing a relatively cheaper model as they are typically made of poor-quality substances, which may not last long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is Best Among Bigger Racket, Advanced Racket, And Smaller Racket?

The bigger rackets are ideal for beginners and deliver more power. Though a little smaller, advanced rackets are slightly heavy. Smaller rackets give more control and retain a tiny sweet spot for the athlete to get in contact with the ball.

What Type Of Tennis Racket Do The Skilled Players Use?

A: Skilled players tend to perform big, powerful swings, and they generally choose tennis rackets that provide more control on the ball with less power. Several professionals use midsize and mid-plus rackets.

What Is The Sweet Spot Of The Tennis Racket?

A: In short, the sweet spot is a specific spot of the string bed that helps to generate the best mixture of power and feel. If the ball seems to move powerfully and smoothly, it means that it hit the sweet spot.


As there are a plethora of tennis rackets available for intermediate players, we thought of making this post. We incorporated the rackets after considering several factors that distinguish the best models from all the accessible rackets. All the products listed in this guide meet the required criteria to become the best intermediate tennis racket.

However, our top pick would be WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Racket. It is a high-end tennis racket made of premium materials and offers the perfect balance between power and control. Plus, it is accessible at a reasonable price.