Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

We treat tennis elbow, which causes arm pain, by giving you tennis elbows from top brands. Similarly, plantar fasciitis causes discomfort in the leg and toe. The best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis are listed below.

Everything may be useful for understanding your suffering. Foot discomfort from plantar fasciitis can be severe. The ligament of your heel bone to toes and maintains your foot arch is called the plantar fascia.

Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Anyone who has experienced the stabbing pain is due to swelling in the Plantar Fascia. It extends from the heel to the sole of your foot Plantar Fasciitis can limit your mobility. Tennis players are vulnerable because of the potential effects of the sport on their biomechanics.

Lack of stretching, inadequate stretching, and an uneven court can all make Plantar Fasciitis worse. Fascia is a thick band of tissue that extends from the heel to the toes and becomes inflamed. People, who experienced it, groan at the mere mention of it.

The symptom is constant pain in the arch or bottom of the heel of the foot. The tissue starts to stretch out in the morning, making symptoms worse.

See our list of the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis.

1: Diadora Blushield Toreno Mens Tennis Shoes Review

If you’re looking for shoes that will exactly fit your foot, this is the ideal choice. Diadora’s newest high-performance tennis shoe, the Blushield Torneo, takes the place of the Speed Blushield.

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina and Martina Trevisan use these shoes during his plantar fasciitis condition. Many shoes’ features are carried over from earlier iterations; the Torneo continues to provide best-in-class stability, comfort, and longevity.

Diadora Blushield Toreno Mens Tennis Shoes

An excellent heel cushioning, arch stabilizer, naturally wide width, and medial stabilizer to control torsional stability close to the arch. The shoe’s wide base gives it great stability and makes it simple to attach bespoke orthotics.


  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable, durable, and stable
  • Air mesh and D-skin breathability


  • It may not fit in the foot for 10+ sizes

2: Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 Tennis Shoes Review

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 Tennis Shoes

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 is meant to be quicker, lighter, and more flexible than ever before. This update improves upon the prior model’s attempt to strike a balance between lightweight performance and superior cushioning and support.

The Tour 5 maintains many of the same tried-and-true features while introducing Mizuno’s most recent midsole technology, ENERGY. Versatile shoes with a distinct running-shoe feel that offers cozy support and stable balance on the court. Players who use these shoes are Phillipp Kohlschreiber, Ivo Karlovic, and Kiki Bertens.

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 Tennis Shoes


  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight mid-sole material with comfort
  • The Upper sole is soft and durable


  • No major con

3: K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 Tennis Shoes

K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 Tennis Shoes

The Ultrashot 3 has replaced the Ultrashot 2 as K-Swiss top durability shoe. It is intended to be lighter and more comfortable than the previous model. It maintains the line’s reputation for strength, stability, and support.

Innovative Surgelite midsole technology in the shoe provides underfoot cushioning and energy return. It’s a good choice for people with foot problems due to its combination of comfort, stability, and protection. Cameron Norrie, Fabio Fognin, and Yulia Putintseva are using these shoes.

K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 Tennis Shoes


  • Durable and soft rubber sole
  • An extra line of defense against excessive toe dragging
  • 360-degree thermal plastic plantar support chassis
  • Shock spring surgelite


  • Didn’t have an exchange policy

4: ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

Our top players Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini, Alex de Minaur, Iga Swiatek, and Leylah Fernandez wear ASICS gel resolution. Other shoes on the market don’t have the same level of cushioning as the GEL-Resolution 8. It is the brand’s top durability shoe; you can also count on superb support.

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

ASICS tried to make this shoe sturdier than earlier versions. It might fit slightly more snugly near the midfoot and forefoot. If this is a problem for you, they have wide widths available. These shoes are made to keep your feet in the middle of the footbed, which helps you walk consistently.


  • Flexion fit upper
  • PGuard toe protector durability
  • Impact guidance system technology
  • AHAR plus outsole


  • Sometimes didn’t fit on fluffy feet

5: Lotto Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoes

Lotto Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoes

Another thin shoe with all-around benefits for speed, safety, support, and stability is the Mirage 100 Speed. These shoes have two pairs of insoles, one thick and one thin, which makes them special.

You may thus adjust the amount of cushioning you receive on the court. The material is stretchable. The cutting-edge midsole technology provides exceptional support during vigorous motions and runs a little narrow for some people.

Lotto Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoes

Male players, Laslo Djere and female players Ons Jabeur, Alize Cornet, and Elise Mertens use Lotto Mirage.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Nylon and polyurethane upper sole
  • All white and Asphalt color


  • Need to fit shoe laces technique

6: Nike Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoes

Nike Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoes

The Vapor Cage 4 is made to provide exceptional durability in a stable yet active compact. Overall comfort and responsiveness are improved by Zoom Air technology in the forefoot and adaptable cushioning throughout the shoe. A full-length foot structure keeps your foot supported during abrupt changes in direction and aids in lateral stability. Carloz Alcaraz uses Nike vapor tennis shoes.

Nike Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoes


  • Best adaptive fit system
  • Contains air unit
  • Rubber sole


  • Appropriate high price tag

7: Z-Coil Freedom Slip Resistant

Z-Coil Freedom Slip Resistant

This terrific shoe is made from the ground up for persons with Plantar Fasciitis. Other foot discomforts who nevertheless want to exercise; it is not exclusively a tennis shoe. Each pair includes a unique Z-Orthotic insole to safeguard the wearer’s plantar ligaments. The Z-Coil Freedom is breathable, slip-resistant, and offers excellent support and cushioning to keep your heel well protected.

Z-Coil Freedom Slip Resistant


  • Slip-resistant outer sole
  • Replaceable coils
  • 3mm foam insert
  • Felt-lined removable inner sole


  • High price

Buying Guide

Choose a shoe that offers comfort and support while looking for the ideal pair to ease your plantar fasciitis symptoms. Finding a shoe that fits your foot and feels comfortable to you is important. Not perfect only for standing but also for the activities you enjoy.

Strength and Support

The foot’s arch aids in supporting and distributing the body’s weight. Absorbing shock from the forces involves walking and other weight-bearing movements. Many persons who suffer from plantar fasciitis also have flat feet or low arches. To lessen the strain on the plantar fascia and its attachment sites, the arch must be supported.

Comfortable and Soft Impact

The impact is induced by ground reaction forces at the heel. Where plantar fasciitis pain is felt most acutely, can be lessened and softened by cushioning.


To avoid overpronation and excessive movement at the heel, stability is crucial in the sole and heel cup. Better foot alignment within the shoe might be encouraged by a heel-hugging shoe. Joints above the ankle can also benefit from this posture.

Separatable Soles

Removable soles increase shoe adjustability and offer additional features useful for someone with plantar fasciitis. A rocker sole has a rounded heel and is thicker than your typical sole. For someone whose plantar fascia hurts when they walk and stand. This helps avoid a flat foot surface, which can be irritating.

Comfortable Heel

Plantar fasciitis puts pressure on the heel from repetitive activity. The forceful impacts of running and jumping on a tennis court are precisely the kind of strain we want to prevent. The perfect tennis shoe will therefore have more padding in the heel area. As you run and jump, this cushioning should help to lessen the impact. So your shoes carry the brunt of the pressures instead of your poor feet.

Support Arch

Additionally, flat or depressed foot arches can cause plantar fasciitis. Your feet effectively lose their capacity to serve as shock absorbers when the natural arch of the foot is absent. Your entire foot sole makes complete contact with the ground, delivering all of the force of the impact directly into your heels and ankles. Shoes with adequate support maintain your foot’s correct alignment and maintain its natural arch, restoring additional protection.


Is it possible to cure plantar fasciitis for good?

While healing can take several months, most patients improve with treatment. There is a possibility the problem could come back if you don’t let the damage heal completely the first time.

What is the duration of plantar fasciitis?

The complexity of the condition will determine this. But the majority of sufferers of plantar fasciitis recover within a year.

Does plantar fasciitis have a treatment?

Yes. The ailment known as plantar fasciitis is relatively treatable. Home remedies including rest, ice, and NSAIDs are included in the treatments. Medications such as steroid injections or other procedures are suggested by a doctor for discomfort that does not go away with rest.

What triggers flare-ups of plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis flare-ups can be brought on by factors such as increased or new exercise. Foot pain on the bottom might also result from improperly supportive shoes.

What makes plantar fasciitis worse?

The plantar fascia’s insertion place on the heel bone is where pain from plantar fasciitis commonly manifests. When there is inadequate support on the feet, the issue worsens when the foot is overused during exercise.

Can plantar fasciitis be caused by tennis shoes?

It has been discovered that plantar fasciitis is a prevalent overuse ailment in runners. The potential impact of poor athletic shoe construction on plantar fasciitis symptoms is not documented by the syndrome’s causal variables.


We hope it enables you to play the game you all adore while coping with the discomfort of plantar fasciitis. Depending on the severity, you may experience symptoms for a short while or for a long time. But if you take daily action, this trying time will pass more quickly.

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